Three Common Issues That Require Electric Cooktop Repair Experts In Las Vegas NV


Many individuals prefer to cook on an electric cooktop instead of using a traditional stove. Electric cooktops normally last around 13 years, but there may be times when these appliances will need repairs. Read the information below to learn about three common cooktop issues and when it’s time to contact Electric Cooktop Repair Experts in Las Vegas NV.

Faulty Burner Coils

When the burner coils on an electric cooktop fail to heat up when the appliance is turned on individuals should first make sure that the appliance is receiving power. After it’s verified that the appliance is plugged in to the power source, individuals should make sure the burner attachments are connected properly. This is done by removing the burners, checking for obstructions and then placing them back into the correct position.

If the burner coils still won’t heat up, the internal ignition switch may be defective. If this part isn’t working properly, the burner coils will not produce heat. Individuals should contact an expert repair technician to test the switch and replace it when necessary.

Defective Display Lights

The display lights on an electric cooktop indicate when each individual burner is turned on and they’re regulated by a control switch. The bulbs must also be working correctly for the display to illuminate. If the display fails to light up, Electric Cooktop Repair Experts in Las Vegas NV will have to replace the control switch or possibly a bulb.

Malfunctioning Temperature Controls

If the burners on an electric cooktop fail to heat up to the desired temperature setting, this problem is often due to a non-functioning infinite switch. If the infinite switch is operating properly another solution is to replace the internal ignition switch. This part supplies the power that ultimately causes the burner coils to heat up.

Individuals should contact a qualified appliance technician to test each of these components. After determining which part isn’t working, the service technician can change out the defective part for a new one.

Priority Appliances provides various types of repairs on electric cooktops as well as refrigerators, washers, dryers and stoves. Schedule an appointment right away with a professional repair technician for speedy and reliable service.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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