A Train Collision Lawyer in Lubbock, TX Represents Injured Persons and Families After Accidents with Passenger Vehicles


Train accidents are relatively rare compared to other accidents involving other methods of transportation, but collisions do occur between trains and passenger vehicles. Sometimes, trains derail or crash into other trains, and a train collision lawyer in Lubbock, TX represents people who have been injured in these incidents. This type of attorney also represents families of individuals who died in train accidents.

Serious Accidents in Early 2019

Several serious train incidents have already occurred in the first four months of 2019 in Texas. Severe injuries and fatalities resulted from those incidents. One of the most horrifying incidents involved a school bus that got struck on the tracks. This was a rural train crossing with only the yield sign and two signs indicating a railroad crossing. This kind of intersection does not have flashing lights, bell alarms, or bars that descend as the train approaches.

In this collision, one middle school student was killed and one was severely injured. The bus driver was also hurt. The situation could have been drastically worse, but the other kids who were riding on the bus will likely be emotionally traumatized for life.

Rural Crossings

Rural railroad crossings without flashing lights can be exceedingly dangerous. Some are on roads where people are traveling at highway speeds and are unlikely to slow down much for the crossing. That’s especially true if they have traveled through this crossing multiple times and never saw a train anywhere nearby. They may not hear a train whistle if they have music playing loudly.

At some crossings, long-distance visibility is not possible, so a train can seem to appear out of nowhere. If an accident occurs, a train collision lawyer in Lubbock, TX may be hired to represent the injured individuals.

Uncertain Reasons for Collisions

In some instances, a vehicle driver may be considered at fault for trying to get across the tracks when a train is in sight. Some drivers even go so far as to rush through the intersection as safety bars are descending. In other cases, however, the reasons for the crash are more obscure. Kyra K. Blankenship Attorney can provide legal representation.

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