The various types of nursing degrees

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Education, Healthcare

Within the medical profession there are many different types of nurses, just as there are a multitude of different nurses there is also a number of different types of nursing degrees. If you see yourself as a nurse in the future it will be necessary that you familiarize yourself with the degree that is required for the career in nursing that you have in mind, you need to learn what degrees are available and where to get the degree you wish.

ADN, Associates degree in nursing:
An ADN nursing program is a two year course, this program is usually available from a community college or vocational school, some of which are actually associated with local hospitals. The AND nursing program is the minimum program which will lead to a goal of becoming an RN, registered nurse. It is important to understand that some potential employers are asking for a bachelor’s degree for some RN roles.

BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing:
Many, but not all nursing careers require a bachelor’s degree. A BSN is typical of any bachelor’s degree; it is a four year degree course from a university or college. The individual who graduates with a BSN has had a full four years of hands on experience referred to as “clinical” and classroom training. Upon graduation the individual will be comfortable in working in a clinical environment and will have had first hand experiences dealing with patients.

MSN, Master of Science in Nursing:
Prior to studying for your MSN you must have completed the four year BSN course of studies although some schools do offer a combined BSN/MSN course. If your goal is to be an advance practical nurse you must possess a master’s degree. Advanced practical nurses have more autonomy than an RN and considerably more clinical authority, they also earn more than a registered nurse. There are specialized master’s degree’s that lead the student into being a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist. The additional course work can be taken while employed as a nurse.

Doctorate degree:
To receive a doctorate in nursing one must hold a bachelors degree and a master’s degree. A DNP, Doctor of nurse practice focuses on clinical work while a DNSc, Doctor of nurse science will head for teaching or enter into research programs.

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