Boost Corporate Event Attention with an Interactive Wall


Whether your company is planning to participate in a trade show, a product launch or a grand marketing event, having a dynamic attraction is essential to drawing, engaging and retaining interest. Thanks to the latest technology, an interactive wall is a great solution for accomplishing these things. In a trade show filled with all sorts of gimmicks, an interactive virtual wall will stand out in a crowd, offering an exceptional opportunity to wow your audience.

What exactly is an Interactive Wall?

This type of virtual wall can be created in almost any environment, especially a boring section of trade show or exhibition space. Using motion sensing technology through an LCD screen or even a projector, your company can create a customizable environment that your guests can interact with. The opportunities are endless as to how you can build virtual environments to engage attention.

An exceptional event planning and management company will have a virtual interactive digital graffiti wall available as a viable entertainment and marketing option for any event you plan. The event planning representative can work with your company to create custom content and even flash-based programming to fully bring your concepts to fruition. They can also ensure that there are personnel on-site to not only set this virtual wall up but also pinch hit for any technical issues during your event.

Uses of a Virtual Interactive Wall

Many uses exist for this type of virtual wall and it can be installed almost anywhere. Large office building lobbies, hotel ballrooms, exhibition halls, universities, museums and even sporting events are fair game when it comes to interactive walls. This attention-getting wall has been used for grand openings, the launch of a new product or service and even customer appreciation days.

Multi-surfaces are an option for this type of virtual technology. You are not limited to a projection screen or LCD surface. For instance, you can transform walls, floors, countertops and even tabletops as well. This versatility can be a boon for any event marketing you have planned for your company.

Whether you create a beach scene where guests can play Frisbee or volleyball or develop a backdrop or tabletop where guests can “paint” their own scenes or change colors on your new products in a virtual environment, you have many options when you choose an interactive wall for your corporate event. People will quickly forget trinkets giveaways but a virtual wall will be remembered.


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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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