The Most Common Dry Basement Waterproofing Methods Applied Today


Flooding is common in basements but the good thing is that it can be completely avoided. Basement flooding may occur because of the rains or a leaking pipe at home. Dry basement waterproofing – is done to protect your home from the threats of water damage. Waterproofing can be done internally or externally depending on the source of the leak. Internal leaks are the ones coming from household pipes or any other internal source.

Basement leaking can also occur because of a structural integrity issue.
There are internal and external basement waterproofing methods that are applied depending on the situation at hand. It is important to understand the main methods of dry basement waterproofing and how each will prevent your home from severe water damage.

* Dry basement waterproofing can be accomplished using interior sealants. The sealant is basically used to lower the humidity levels in your basement. This ensures that no moisture is absorbed into the walls and floors of your basement. It also ensures that moisture is not finding its way into other areas of your home.

* Another popular form of basement waterproofing uses interior drainage systems to get rid of water that has accumulated in the basement. Some homeowners are able to handle this waterproofing method on their own by using sump pumps. However, it is a tricky and time consuming process that requires some skill.

* The best basement waterproofing method which is also recognized by the international building code is exterior waterproofing. This waterproofing method is able to prevent water from compromising the structure of a building or home.  In this method, polymers are used to prevent water from getting into the basement walls. These polymers are durable and can last for thousands of years and this is why it is considered the most effective dry basement waterproofing method.

* There are certainly so many options to ensure your basement is waterproof. To determine the most suitable option for your home or building, contact Amax Construction LLC contractor. The contractor will perform the necessary assessments and determine the extent of water damage you are facing and work out the best waterproofing method for your situation.

Your basement is a critical part of your home’s foundation. Do not allow mold and mildew to cause costly damage to your home. Seek quality basement waterproofing to keep your home dry and safe for many years.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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