A Managed Dedicated Server Is The Ideal Solution For A Growing Business


A common issue faced by growing businesses is the challenge of keeping up with technology. As the world turns to increasing levels of remote work and the need for instant access to real-time data, the need for immediate access to information becomes the difference between growing a business and missing out on opportunities.

Many smaller businesses start out with shared hosted server plans, which can be ideal for local companies with a low reliance on data and online software solutions. When these companies reach a critical amount of data and workload requirements, they have the option to buy and maintain an in-house server, or to choose a managed dedicated server.

The Security and Resource Difference

A managed dedicated server provides a company with the freedom and control of having its own server combined with the built-in tech support and maintenance services of a hosting company.

Data centers provide these dedicated servers to companies with a need for resources and security. However, as the physical server is maintained by the data center tech staff, the company never has to worry about updating, managing, and maintaining the system.

The choice of a managed dedicated server includes the option in operating system as well as security software. Unlike a shared server, a dedicated server has a single tenant, allowing for full control over the system. Additionally, all of the resources of the server are available to the company, providing the bandwidth, CPU, and technical support to keep the server up and running.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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