The Importance of Mold Removal in Folsom

by | Oct 21, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

If you have flooding in your home, correctly cleaning it up is vital to the health of your family as well as for the prevention of further damage to your home and property. Mold Removal Folsom is an important part of the water damage cleanup. When mold is in your home as a result of water damage, it can be extremely harmful to your family. There are different types of mold, each with its own level of contamination and required process for removal.When you hire a professional water damage company for Mold Removal Folsom, they will be knowledgeable in the safest process for removing and preventing the return of mold. A good company typically follows five different steps for mold removal; assessment of the mold, containment, filtration, removal and repair. You can Click Here for more detailed information about various types of mold and the importance of hiring a water damage professional.

The mold assessment part of the process means the remediation contractors examine the mold to determine what type of mold it is, such as black mold. The contractor will usually need to find the source of the mold and once it has been found, he can then determine the best source of containment. Containment means the area where the mold has been found needs to be completely sealed off. If the mold is black mold, containing it prevents the risk of air born spores affecting your family. Once the mold has been contained, the contractor will begin filtering the mold out of the air by using an air filtration machine that has HEPA filters. The contractor will also be equipped with protective gear to avoid absorbing the material during the filtration process. The most difficult part of this process is the removal of the mold. An experienced remediation company has the proper equipment to clean various surfaces and kill any surviving mold spores. There are specific types of cleaners that the contractor will use to completely rid the area of the mold and each cleaner is specific to the type of mold that is found. Once the mold has been removed and the area is completely free of contaminants, the repairs will begin. In some situations, the water remediation company may be able to do the repairs; however, it may be necessary to hire other contractors. For example, if the damage was in the basement, you may need to hire a waterproofing contractor.

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