The guide to pursuing Engineering in USA

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International students who want to study engineering in the USA will find that engineering is a growing field with great career prospects both in the USA and overseas. We at Aliff hope to guide you through the process and the variety of paths available. Aliff is one of the best overseas education consultants in India who aim at helping students to find and apply to the right course, right college and right country with efficiency! We hope this article helps you understand better the options and choices that are available.

An average monthly living expense for a student pursuing Engineering in the USA is around US$ 1000 (approximately Rs. 75000 to Rs. 80000). Living expenses cover accommodation, three meals per day, utility bills, and local travel. Though, it varies depending upon your lifestyle and the city you live in.

The various country benefits include :

• Intake: August / January English Speaking Country Education focuses on Research & Development High Reputation Worldwide Up to 3 Years Post Study Work Visa Flexibility to Choose Major & Minor course.
• Some universities accept 15 years of education for master’s programs Community Colleges – the pathway to affordable degree education from Top universities.

The following are the documents that are NEEDED for admission :

• Student Academics
• Offer Letter, Professional Documents
• Statement of Purpose
• Offer Letter – 1-20
• DS-160 confirmation page
• Proof of funds (living expenses & fee)*
• Education Loan sanction letter (if any)
• Income Tax for last 2 years of Sponsor and Sponsor Letter
• Valid Passports (including previous passports) and Visa Fee Receipts.

We hope this article helped you identify better, the choices that are available and can make your experience better and more pleasant. We hope that you continue to pursue your goals and aspirations, although the journey of pursuing Engineering in the USA can be swifter and smoother with Aliff. We are just a call away!

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