Creating Beautiful Backgrounds With Voile Curtains

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Shopping

For many weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or other special events, saving costs on the rental of a venue is a priority for the hosts. Often with the lower cost halls, conference facilities and reception venues, there is a limited number of options for decorating behind the head table or for creating a special photo area.

One of the latest trends in events, including weddings, is to have a special photo area. This allows people to take pictures with the bride and groom and other family and friends, all with a background that adds to the memories of the photos. Using low-cost voile curtains to frame this area or to cover up less attractive areas of the facility is a simple solution to a common problem.

Why Use Voile?

There are many reasons to choose voile curtains over other options. This is a semi-transparent, lightweight cotton blend fabric that will hold its shape and beautifully drape to provide the cover required.

It is also very easy to create a frame to hold the curtains as they are so lightweight. A piece of wood dowel or an aluminum frame can be used to create a separate space for photos or to cover up a bare wall or an open stage in a hall or venue.

What to Consider

The best look for voile curtains is to have them slightly bunched and not stretched out. This allows the subtle color differences as the fabric folds over on itself in the curtain drape to create a very soft and artistic look.

Consider choosing the color of voile for the curtain to match your wedding colors. If you have more than one color, think about using one color for the central panels and then the accent colors on the edges. These can be draped and gathered to create a more traditional curtain look, which is always a nice touch for any type of event or background.

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