Surgical Treatment of Bunions Ends Discomfort and Improves Appearance


When the first joint at the base of the big toe becomes abnormally large, this is medically known as a bunion. The bunion forces the big toe to curve inward as the enlarged joint moves progressively outward over time. Treatment of bunions in Hyde Park may involve a type of surgery called a bunionectomy. A foot doctor removes the excess bone growth and realigns the ligaments around the joint.

The Problem

Bunions become uncomfortable or even painful, especially when wearing shoes. The toe may feel perpetually sore. The person dealing with this problem also tends to view it as a cosmetic deformity.

Recovery Time

After surgical treatment for bunions in Hyde Park, the patient might be referred to a physical therapist. The goal is to return the patient’s foot to normal functioning as soon as possible. The average full recovery time is between four and six months. Patients wear a cast or a surgical boot for at least a couple of weeks for protection.

Returning to Work

Many patients return to work within a week. If the problem was severe, several weeks away from work may be advised. Of course, this depends partially on what the job is. For instance, a person who sits throughout the workday can return much sooner than a nurse who must be on his or her feet most of the time.

Health Insurance

Health insurance typically pays for a bunionectomy. Even if a patient mainly wants the surgery for cosmetic reasons, an untreated bunion continues to get worse. This makes the operation medically advisable. Details on one particular podiatry clinic can be viewed at Mitchell Foot & Ankle.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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