Student Housing in Moscow, ID: Advantages of Living on Campus in Moscow, ID

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Student Housing Center

Many college students are interested in on-campus housing. Some students would rather live off campus, but there are several benefits to living in student housing. Here are five ways that on-campus housing can positively impact your college experience.

Building Community

Staying in student housing in Moscow, ID is a great chance to develop friendships with fellow students. On-campus living has a community already built in, whether by shared meals at the dining hall, events sponsored for students and organized by residential staff, or even bumping into someone passing each other in a hallway. These relationships can translate into lifelong friendships and professional contacts that last beyond college.


College life can sometimes be stressful. Student housing in Moscow, ID saves you the stress of commuting, leaving more time and energy to focus on your classes instead of driving around. You can easily walk to classes, the library, and extracurricular activities without having trouble relating to parking or public transport.

Access to Resources

Residing on campus makes it easy to access several different academic, social, and cultural resources that might improve your college life. These can range from campus-based services such as tutoring centers, computer labs, and library programs including job fairs and cultural shows. Living in student housing, you will have such resources very near and can fully benefit from everything your college offers.

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