Sprinkler Repair in Spokane to Keep Lawns Healthy in an Arid Climate


Spokane, Washington, is situated in the northeastern part of the state. People not very familiar with Washington State may assume it’s all like Seattle, the best-known metro area there. They think of Washington State as a rainy place with mostly cool temperatures, characterized by mild summers and winters. Spokane, in contrast, is arid and sees more extremes in temperatures. Residential Sprinkler Repair in Spokane can be necessary for keeping grass green and preventing a thin lawn due to dry conditions.

Spokane’s Annual Precipitation

It’s not nearly as common for homeowners on Washington’s Northwest coast to have a residential irrigation system because the rainfall is so abundant. Spokane only receives about half as much annual precipitation as Seattle does, however, amounting to about 16-1/2 inches including snowfall. Most of the precipitation occurs during the winter, leaving property owners having to figure out how to keep their lawns adequately watered during the spring, summer and fall.

Sprinkler Effectiveness and Efficiency

The installation of an irrigation system is much more effective and efficient than trying to water a yard with an oscillating or rotating sprinkler or a garden hose. Sprinkler Repair in Spokane may eventually become necessary if the property owner notices that one of the devices is not working properly or if part of the lawn is drying out.

Spring Watering

Proper watering is essential in spring once temperatures stay above freezing. Dormant grass needs moisture to come back to life. Without that frequent application of water, the lawn will be unable to achieve a lush, green appearance.

Additional Irrigation Considerations

The irrigation system is set to operate in the very early morning. It runs long enough for water to soak well into the ground so the roots can grow that deep. Otherwise, the grass will be weaker and more vulnerable to various problems. Above the surface, the grass should be not be cut shorter than 3 in. in length, as the greenery absorbs energy from sunlight for photosynthesis.

Irrigation systems are installed, repaired and maintained by lawn service companies like Spokane ProCare. Interested property owners may Browse us at the website to learn more.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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