How Bail Bond Agents in Tarrant County Help Defendants Who Cannot Afford Bail


Bail Bond Agents in Tarrant County provide service to men and women who have arrested and charged with a crime. These defendants may be required to pay bail for release from jail before trial. If they cannot afford cash bail, a bonding agency posts a surety bond in exchange for a percentage fee. Sometimes even that fee is unaffordable for defendants. They then may have a defense lawyer petition for lower bail from a judge at a bail hearing.

Factors Considered in the Reduction of Bail

The judge considers several factors when weighing whether to reduce bail, or perhaps even release the person without bail. The severity of the charges is a primary factor, and so is the person’s criminal history. Considering whether the person is a flight risk is another. The judge will want to know about the defendant’s ties to the community, such as family, employment and home ownership.

An individual who has lived in the community for many years and has a stable employment history will be a good candidate for reduced bail. So will someone who lives with a spouse and children, and owns a home.

The Goal of Bail

The goal of bail is to make sure the defendant doesn’t run away. The amount, which is refunded when the case ends, can be set quite high. This functions as an incentive for the person to make all court appearances, even if the risk of conviction is high. Unfortunately, for many defendants, that cash bail amount is simply unaffordable. They turn to Bail Bond Agents in Tarrant County for assistance. The agents take a role in reminding the defendant of scheduled court hearings and providing a minor level of supervision.

In many cases, bail has been set automatically in a schedule listing a large number of common offenses. Judges have the authority to reduce the amount if they believe this is justified, although the defendant usually must wait in jail for a day or two for the hearing. Once bail has been lowered, the defendant or a family member may contact an agency such as Vaughn’s Cowtown Bail Bonds to get the process started for bonding and release.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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