Signs that you may have a clogged sewer drain

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Plumbing

A clogged sewer can be considered an emergency as without the sewer the water has no way to leave the premises which by default, makes all the plumbing in the house of no use. When this unfortunate event happens then you probably will have to call a company involved in drain cleaning and plumbing in Concord.

There are ways that you can confirm that you have a clogged sewer, it is important that you go through the home and if it is confirmed, then the clog must be cleared urgently.

Multiple clogged fixtures:

When you see that multiple fixtures in your home are clogged and backing up at the same time then you can be sure it is the main sewer drain and not simply the fixture drain. The toilets in your home are most affected as they are the lowest drains in the house. If you witness multiple clogs you can confirm it by checking;

1. Toilets: Your toilets are the most direct path to the main sewer and the pipe size is the largest. If the main drain is clogged it will be immediately noticeable at the toilets.

2. Bath tub and shower: These drains are also sitting lower than sink drains so they too are candidates for showing that the main drain is indeed clogged.

As well as looking for evidence of multiple clogs, look for strange actions when the plumbing fixtures are used.

1. Toilet flush: If you flush the toilet and notice water coming back up through the tub or shower drain you can pretty well be sure that your main drain plumbing in Concord is plugged. As the flush water cannot go through the drain into the septic tank or sanitary sewer, it only has one route and that is to return through the lowest point.

2. Run the sink: If you turn the water on in the bathroom sink and it results in an increase in the water level in the toilet bowl, the drain is clogged.

Once you have checked these few points and confirmed that indeed it is a clogged main drain; then you can move on and make the necessary arrangements to have the drain unclogged.

If you confirm that your main sewer drain plumbing in Concord is clogged then you are welcome to call Absolute Plumbing, Rooter & Renovation. They are on call 24/7 every day of the year for emergencies of this nature.

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