Cutting back on the cost of moving

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Transportation

Whether you are using cross country moving companies or local moving companies in NYC, everyone agrees that the service can be expensive. There are a number of things that moving companies do that cannot be pared or cut back on, but conversely there are a few things that you can do which will help save money.

The cheapest option when contemplating a local move is a DIY project. There are a many companies that rent vans which are equipped for moving household goods. Of course, you are responsible for procuring the packing materials, packing your goods, loading the truck, driving it to your new home across town and then reversing the process.

Many people prefer to use Local Moving Companies In NYC but even when the more expensive option is taken, there are things that can be done which will cut the costs considerably, let’s have a look at a few.

Reduce the load: use the fact that you are moving as the reason you have been looking for to reduce the amount of “junk” that you have accumulated over the years. Go through everything, those items which simply are no longer needed or used and have no emotional value, get rid of them. Have a garage sale and give what is left to charity.

Move during the off season: There actually is a good time to move and it is not in the summer. People who have school age children will attempt to time their move so that is does not interfere with the school year, this makes a summer move more expensive because there is an increase in demand.

Book early: The earlier you book, the better the rate. When you wait until the last minute to arrange for a mover, the price will invariably increase.

Show flexibility: if you can adapt to the time frame of the movers you can save money by simply asking. If they do not give you a break then demand that they adhere to your schedule.

Your new home: Make sure that your new home is ready to accept you when planned. If for whatever reason you get to the other side of town and your home is not ready for occupancy you will probably be faced with putting your possessions in storage, an unnecessary cost that can be avoided with a little forward planning.

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