Save Money With More Energy Efficient Parking Lot Lighting in Wichita


A properly lit parking lot creates a welcoming environment for your customers, and outdoor lighting can help prevent crime and accidents, but effective lighting can get expensive. Here are tips for reducing costs and saving energy while keeping your property secure.

Motion Sensors

Unless your parking lot is a high-traffic area throughout the night, it may not be necessary to keep it fully lit. Motion sensors will activate your lights to full power when vehicles or pedestrians are detected. After a period of time with no movement, lights will dim automatically, making your parking lot lighting more energy efficient.

Photocell Sensors

With photocell sensors, you don’t have to rely on employees or timers to control your parking lot lighting in Wichita. The technology keeps your outdoor lights on from dusk to dawn by sensing sunlight and other sources of light. Banks, car lots and other businesses at risk from theft may be more secure with well-lit outdoor areas overnight.


Upgrading components in older lights may result in cost savings, energy efficiency and improved lighting. Better durability and longer-lasting lamps can reduce maintenance which saves time and expense. A company specializing in parking lot lighting in Wichita can evaluate your current system and determine if a retrofit project will meet your company’s needs.

Consult a Professional

Tracy Electric is dedicated to finding the best possible solution to reduce the cost of your outdoor lighting and improve energy efficiency. To learn more about their services for commercial, industrial and residential customers, visit us website.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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