3 Modern Kitchen Countertop Designs Trending in Johnson County, MO


The countertop is easily one of the most important parts of every kitchen. Countertops are the center of attention and usually one of the first few things people notice when they walk into the kitchen. More importantly, they are the foundation of every kitchen regardless of decor. Seeing its importance, it matters what material and designs are chosen for it. Here are three modern kitchen countertops trending in Johnson County, MO:

1. Quartz
Quartz started out as a nicer alternative to granite countertops. Granite is more of a natural rock that has been a part of the popular and traditional styles for years. While it is incredibly durable and attractive, it is very porous. This means that colored liquids can easily stain it. Porous material is also likely to keep hold of bacteria. Quartz is a non-porous option that can come in many different beautiful colors and patterns.

2. Kitchen Sink
More and more homeowners have been opting for integrated sinks. Integrated sinks are one of the most popular modern kitchen countertops in Johnson County, MO, because of their attractiveness, convenience, and space. This option is perfect for those that enjoy cooking large meals and need the extra space and extra sink to get things done faster.

3. Sustainable Materials
It’s never a bad idea to go green, especially when it comes to things in the home. Lots of homeowners are now choosing to use sustainable materials in their kitchen countertops to reduce their carbon footprint and make up for the excess waste used in other materials of the home. Look to sustainable materials for modern kitchen countertops in Johnson County, MO.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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