Reasons To Have An rNetwork Boost Card


The internet provides a wealth of opportunities for those interested in exploring ways to both save money and earn a passive income. One revolutionary approach to online earning and reducing the cost of everyday items is found through the rNetwork Participation Marketplace®.

The Participation Marketplace is a network of forward-thinking individuals and companies. Individuals join the rNetwork Participation Marketplace® as Charter Members or FANNs, with the option to make purchases from member companies. In addition, Charter Members earn based on purchases throughout the rNetwork, with the more people spend in the Marketplace providing higher earnings.

To manage both spending and income, the network is developing the rNetwork Boost Card. This is far from a typical credit or debit card with features and options that make it a must-have item for your financial management.

Centralized Financial Management

Through the use of the rNetwork Boost Card, Charter Members can manage both their income through the rNetwork Participation Marketplace® and their spending. Having the option to function as a complete financial management tool provides transparency on all transactions across the platform.

Customized to the rNetwork

Opting for the rNetwork Boost Card ensures a seamless transaction on any type of purchase throughout the rNetwork Participation Marketplace®. Unlike other credit cards, this one is customized and designed to operate within the Marketplace. It eliminates the problems in accessing discounts and savings that are associated with special purchases and promotions on other websites.

As membership by Chartered Members and FANNs increases though the rNetwork Participation Marketplace®, and as more global companies and specialized services are featured, the option for increased earnings continues to build, making this a must-have credit card.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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