A Few Timely Tips For Refrigerator Repair in New Orleans


A major appliance such as a refrigerator is not unlike any other major mechanical device such as your car. There are things that go wrong that require the services of a professional in refrigerator repair in New Orleans and there are somewhat simply things that can be done by the homeowner.

If you think your refrigerator may be acting up because it seems as if the interior temperature is not as cold as you think it should be, it may not be the refrigerator at all, it may be the location. If the temperature where the refrigerator is located, the ambient, is less than 60 degrees F then it will not keep food chilled. When a refrigerator is located in an area which is quite cool, the compressor will not run as often. Many refrigerators will cease all together if the ambient temperature in their location falls below 40 degrees F. This situation does not demand professional refrigerator repair in New Orleans, all it requires is that the unit is relocated to a warmer area.

A refrigerator that has a cracked or otherwise faulty door gasket will not keep food cold and it will waste electricity. If the gasket is truly of no use, a professional repairman should be called in but if it is simply loose, roll it back and apply a little silicone sealant inside the gasket, works every time.

If you have recently renovated the kitchen and the refrigerator location was changed, there is a possibility that a wire came loose off the pole. If this happens, unplug the refrigerator and remove the rear panel. In behind the panel you will see the wire terminals, check for the loose wire and simply tighten the screw or reattach it.

In many cases the identification of the problem is just the beginning of the battle. If the problem is one which is beyond the scope of the homeowner, then do not delay having a service technician come to the house and do the repair. If, for example, the condenser coil, fan or the compressor need replacing, it is something that needs to be done right away and it has to be done by a professional who understands refrigerator repair in New Orleans.

By all means look after the small things yourself but when you need professional refrigerator repair in New Orleans you are invited to contact Broussard Appliance Service.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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