Quality Auto Glass Replacement


Damaged or broken auto glass puts your visibility and safety at risk. There are a lot of causes of damaged glass in a vehicle, and we can replace the damaged or broken glass no matter what ruined it. Our skilled technicians safely remove the old glass from the frame, prepare the frame with the new glass and seal and complete the replacement. If the glass in your vehicle shattered, we make sure to remove any shards that may have gotten inside of the passenger compartment.

We repair all types of auto glass. We can fix the side, front or back windows in an RV, truck or utility van. If you have a motorcycle, we can fix its windshield. Our technicians are also adept at repairing mirrored glass. The most common type of auto glass repair that we perform is windshield replacement. The windshield of your vehicle may get hit with flying debris when you drive. A chunk of ice blowing off of the vehicle in front of you could shatter or crack the windshield. Hardened snow, rocks or other items cause similar damage.

In rare cases, auto glass can crack without an obvious cause. Maybe the glass had a small fault in it, and a rapid temperature change caused the fault to grow into a crack. We offer Chicago auto glass replacement in side windows that open as well as those that don’t. Our technicians repair back window and hatchback glass, too.

For a quality Chicago auto glass replacement, contact us at Frank’s Auto Glass. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles to meet your needs. Our technicians look forward to helping you replace damaged or broken glass in your vehicle. Give us a call today, or visit us online for more details about our services.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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