Picking The Right Diamond Engagement Rings


Instead of entering blindly into the world of engagement rings in Louisville, this article is designed to help you be informed so you can balance value and preference in a ring that will hold and increase in intrinsic and sentimental value for you and your loved one. When you find the right selection and can make an informed decision regarding that choice, the likelihood of being satisfied long afterward is significantly increased. Since the term diamond refers to the mineralogy, and not the value or even designation as a gem grade stone, that distinction is where this article will concentrate.

Diamonds are based on the four Cs. The color, clarity, cut, and carat of a diamond all combine in different ways to influence just how much your particular diamond is worth. All of these factors are measured by degrees, and while you can have the very expensive upper tiers of the industry, you can also go so far down in the opposite direction that the diamond isn’t even regarded as a gem grade stone. Color refers to how close the diamond is to an ideal colorless appearance. Clarity is a measure of how free from imperfections a diamond is when observed under magnification. The cut of a diamond engagement ring in Louisville is its angle of cut that determines its brilliance. The carat of the diamond is a strict measure of its comparative size, with a full carat being the base level standard.

Coloration can be an interesting mix between the value and the preference, as there are often color variations which in the right setting are even more striking to the viewer, and may be more desired based on that aspect alone. Certainly the lower price tag on those options will equate to additional value for a customer. The standard for the clarity of diamond engagement rings are all those rings of a flawless designation. That means that when perceived under magnification, the gem is free from any inclusions that would interfere with the passage of light through the gem. The cut is determined often by an ideal angle, which when observed closely produces greater brilliance and dispersion in a ring. Dispersion is often referred to as the fire of a ring, and certainly the name is fitting when the right angle is combined with the right style of cut to bring out the most dazzling appearance. Single cut, while popular, tend to be less valuable than round, or brilliant cut gems. For the best engagement rings in Louisville, these considerations can help you make the right selection, and perhaps ask the right questions.

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