Pest Control Services in New York Are Used for Eliminating Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes, when viewed up close, possess a pair of wings and feature long, thin legs. Their head displays a prominent proboscis. Scales cover the wings and bodies of these small insects and pests.

Contacting a Pest Control Service: What to Expect

When you contract for mosquito removal and pest control services in New York, the technician will first perform a property inspection to see where mosquitoes are causing a problem. Once he inspects and identifies the area, he will prepare a treatment plan and offer suggestions and assistance with elimination.

Keeping Mosquitoes from Entering the Home

Mosquitoes often like watery areas. So, these spots need to be identified and treated accordingly. Normally, the service technician will offer suggestions for keeping mosquitoes out of the home and advice on vegetation management. The insects regularly rest in plants during the daytime hours.

Females Are the Mosquitoes That Bite

According to specialists who manage pest control services, adult female mosquitoes are the mosquitoes that bite. The adult males do not feed on humans or animals for blood. However, there is a small number of species whose females do not feed on blood but only on nectar or sugars.

The Differences in Female and Male Mosquitoes

The plumes that are featured on the antennae of mosquitoes help them hear. While the male antennae are large and feathery, the female antennae show fewer “feathers” and are smoother instead. Technicians who specialize in pest control services add that male mosquitoes are smaller than females and do not live as long of lives.

Contact a Pest Control Company Today

Neither female nor male mosquitoes will live long, however, if you contact a pest control company, such as Viking Pest Control. While mosquitoes will not do damage to your property, they certainly are a nuisance if they are not controlled. They can also be a health problem if they are not eliminated from a backyard or the area around your home. Schedule an appointment with a pest control expert today to review your options and plan of attack.

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