Efficient Ways For Mosquito And Rat Removal In Virginia Beach, VA

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Pest Control Products

Rodent infestation is harmful to humans and property. They cause diseases and do structural damage by gnawing on electrical wires, insulation, plumbing pipes, flooring, and drywall. The fur rodents shed, and their excrement brings a foul smell, contaminates food, and triggers allergic reactions. Rodent infestation spikes in the late fall. Other than professional rat removal in Virginia Beach, VA, other ways to control rodents in your home are:

Seal Your Home

Use rodent-proofing materials to close holes and entryways along the house exterior to prevent rodents from coming into the house.

Clean The Yard

Get rid of clutter, debris, and garbage from your yard, which are good dwelling places for rodents. Trim overhanging trees which provide outdoor access to your roof. Pruning trees prevents rodents from hiding there from predators.

Clean Your Home

A clean home gives no reason for rodents to habituate there. Do not leave food uncovered or sitting out on surfaces: secure pet food and garbage cans in rodent-proof containers.

Buy Mint

Rodents avoid minty scents. Rubbing peppermint oil on doors and attic beams keeps them away. Plant mint in your garden or leave some mint leaves around your house to serve as a deterrent.

If the methods above do not work, companies dealing with rat removal in Virginia Beach, VA, can be helpful. Mosquito infestation can be a menace, but here is how to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Chemical Control – Use professional mosquito control in Virginia Beach, VA, using chemical methods like fogging or insecticides.

Environmental Control – eradicate breeding by making the environment unfavorable for mosquito breeding, such as burying drainages to make them inaccessible to mosquitoes.

Source Control – remove containers and places where water collects, allowing mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Specialized people in Mosquito control in Virginia Beach, VA, can show you how to conduct biological and genetic mosquito control. Contact Talent Termite for pest extermination in Virginia.

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