Modern Tiles Take on the Look of Natural Materials


The Porcelain tiles Manhattan designers are using have taken their inspiration from natural materials. Used as flooring to mimic the look of popular hardwood as well as wall tiles in stainless steel and faux stone for counter tops and floors, porcelain tiles offer an affordable option with a modern edge.

Hardwood Look
Hardwood textured and patterned porcelain tiles made an appearance almost 10 years ago and have been providing a flooring choice for many designers ever since. A popular choice for many high end restaurants, the hardwood porcelain tile is now making its appearance in many Manhattan homes. Not just for bathrooms, these porcelain tiles Manhattan is embracing are stunning throughout the home. They come in a wide plank look also popular in natural wood floors and provide an easy to maintain, affordable option with a high end look. Once available in a limited scope of wood looks, these porcelain tiles now come in a wide array of exotic and traditional woods. They look exactly like hardwood and provide a comfortable feel underfoot. From natural looking oaks, maples and pines to more exotic choices such as Asian and African woods you can create the look you want without paying the higher prices. There are also many authentic textures available including the rough hewn look popular in hardwood floors.

Stone and Marble
Stone look tiles have been made forever, however the stone and marble tile today takes on a far more authentic appearance. Most stone and marble porcelain tiles Manhattan home owners are installing would fool even the most astute decorator and come in large slabs that can be used to create stunning foyers and even very convincing faux stone kitchen and bathroom counters. Available in a myriad of stunning choices you can create elegant rooms using the high end finishes of the noblest homes.

Faux Steel
Adding to nature’s elements even metal is making an appearance in tile. Stainless steel, copper and bronze are popular finishes and add detail in smaller tiles for back splashes as well as in larger sheets for modern stainless steel finishes in walls and even counters.

If you are looking to add a little nature to your home at a reasonable price, consider using faux look tiles

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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