Lingual Orthodontics via a Family Dentist


Lingual orthodontics is one of the most accomplished beauty treatments in dentistry so far. Ceramic braces, Invisalign, crowns and veneers. These true aesthetic choices have become important in recent years, especially among adults. People are no longer reluctant to correct their dental imperfections because the field has more to offer than a metallic smile. There is no need to hide your smile and, thus, it has been confirmed that lingual orthodontics is a success. A family dentist can provide this treatment and more.

Lingual braces are invisible, as many patients already know, and thanks to this method, conventional braces no longer are needed. It must be noted that there is metal on the inner section of teeth, though. The result is the same: to solve any problem with alignment but do so invisibly. The main advantage of this technique is purely cosmetic which gives the patient a smile they can be happy with. It also allows the patient to more readily accept orthodontics near Irving.

The length of the procedure always depends on each patient. Treatment usually lasts no more than conventional braces would. Some patients and dentists doubt that lingual braces can provide comfort. They think that constant friction could cause issues at some point. This technique requires an adjustment period ranging between 2 and 3 weeks, so that during the initial period of time, the patient may feel slight discomfort. It is essential to go to a good family dentist, one that is qualified and experienced, and can adequately perform the procedure, as well as advise the patient properly.

Orthodontic treatments near Irving can leave stains on your teeth if proper dental hygiene is not carried out. However, lingual brackets, when placed on the inside of the teeth, reduces their appearance and does not compromise the results of the process. With this technique a greater amount of saliva occurs, and the tongue performs a continuous oral cleaning action. During treatment, the facial image and the smile remain intact. Moreover, thanks to the lingual orthodontics, the results of the procedure may be perceived without metal barriers. Contact Rio Dental & Orthodontics to learn more.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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