Improved Surgery Needle Management Technology from Los Altos Hills, CA


Every operation, surgeons have a need for many needle passes over the patient. These needles are specialty needles that help sew up wounds. Needle stick is a real risk during these operations. With reduced needle stick impairment, patients can recover faster and the surgeries aren’t as difficult. Improved patented technologies can provide surgeons with a space to sew up the patient that is not as difficult to sew on.

The major reason patients have to have wounds open during a sewing surgery is so that the needle can get deep enough into the wound. With improved suture needle insertion aided by patented tools, the needle can get deep into the wound easier without having such a large gap open for the surgeon. The technologies in the suture needle procedures help more than one needle stay in the right spot without allowing the skin to stay open, but they also hold up the suture tool so that nothing else drops inside the wound as the surgeon sews the patient up.

In surgical needle transfer procedures of all kinds, there is a lot of back and forth over the patient during the operation. The surgeon can attain more autonomy during the surgery and closely adhere to the bloodborne pathogens standard if they can hold more needles within their reach. New technologies allow surgeons to safely pack new needles in a holder on their arm and transfer them to a disposal pack stored on an arm band to meet the bloodborne pathogens standards of disposal.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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