Learn The Art Of Snow Goose Hunting In Arkansas

by | Aug 20, 2013 | Sports

Snow goose hunting can be very frustrating. You’ll spend hours hiding in the bushes, and you may not shoot a thing. However, if you like to hunt, Snow Goose Hunting in Arkansas presents a challenge.

Snow geese have strong senses and know when they’re being hunted. They also travel in large flocks. Hunting and tracking them is hard work. Hunters put out decoys, and snow geese won’t land unless they see hundreds of geese below. Hunters spend a lot time putting out thousands of decoys, trying to trick the geese. Legend says the geese won’t come back to a field, where they’ve been shot at before.

One of the keys to good geese hunting is knowing the fields where they like to feed. That’s why it’s good to have a guide. Experts offer several tips for snow goose hunting:

find fields where they like to feed

hide all signs of that you were there

park vehicles away from hunting area

set out at least five hundred decoys

add cheaper decoys to the full body decoys

If it’s been snowing, wear camouflage or white

don’t begin shooting until the birds on the ground are ready to take flight

hunting groups should agree on a shooting pattern, so everyone’s not shooting in the same direction

take your first shots at birds on the edge of your range then move into the middle

Arkansas Duck Masters offers several packages for Snow Goose Hunting in Arkansas. The facility is located in Stuggart, Arkansas, and they provide the adventure of a lifetime. The company takes a group of four hunting, morning and afternoon, for $325.00 each. The fee includes lodging and breakfast, lunch and dinner. Duck Masters also offers corporate hunts. What do you need to bring?

gun and ammo

camo clothing (straw colored

straw camo face mask

gore-tex or thinsulate water resistant gloves





This sounds like a great adventure for you and your friends. Just remember to use gun safety. One hunter said few outdoor experiences can compares to being at the center of a swirling flock of several thousand geese. If you’re a hunter, give it a try.

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