Learn More Before Getting a Hair Transplant in Pennsylvania


When it comes to choosing the right surgeon for a hair transplant in PA, there are a variety of resources patients can use to research. Patients can read online reviews, check sites where doctors are “recommended,” and even check state medical boards. While it seems like this may be the best way to chose the “right” doctor for your hair transplant, these resources may not paint the best picture. In fact, it misses the most important criteria patients must investigate: results.

That’s right; the most important thing patients must learn about a doctor is what type of results they are producing. Patients must see hundreds of before and after pictures, and, most importantly, they must see HD video results of “before and after” hair transplant results. A doctor may look great on paper, but you cannot truly know what you are “getting yourself in to” if you don’t see his or her results. In the end, this is what is most important. So now that you have reviewed the results and found the surgeon you find most transparent with the best results, what else do you need to know before undergoing surgery?

Most people are happy to find out that having a hair transplant in PA is relatively comfortable. Some have compared it to what it feels like to get a filling done at the dentist. An anesthetic is used, so there’s no pain. A person may have some discomfort for sitting a few hours in the chair as the hair transplant process is taking place. The good news is that a person will be able to get up for regular breaks. Painkillers can be used after the surgical procedure has been done in order to deal with any mild pain.

Still have questions? Good, you should. Continue researching and learning more about the surgical hair restoration treatments by visiting our website at https://fellermedical.com/. Feel free to reach out by phone or email to continue learning and get all of your hair transplant questions answered.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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