Are You a Good Candidate for Hair Restoration?


Hair loss is a condition that affects many people. This includes men and women, young and old people as well. However, not everyone is fit to undergo a hair restoration procedure in New York. Keep reading to find out if you are a good candidate for hair restoration or not.
Good candidates for hair restoration include:

• Men who don’t suffer from diffuse unpatterned alopecia (DUPA)
• Men who have been losing hair for more than five years due to male pattern baldness
• Men who have progressed to Class Three or above on the Norwood Scale
• People who are suffering from hair loss due to trauma or burns
• People who have lost hair as a result of other surgeries such as facelifts
• People who have a hair color similar to the skin of their scalp
• People who have a good hair density, particularly in the donor areas
• People who have a flexible scalp or have a high scalp laxity
• People with healthy immune systems that can easily undergo the surgery
• Most importantly, people who have a realistic idea of what to expect when undergoing hair restoration and who understand that they might continue to experience hair loss even after the procedure

When you are a good candidate for a hair restoration procedure in New York, you face better chances of the procedure succeeding, seeing better results, and avoiding complications later on. People who are not good candidates will not only waste time and money going through the procedures, but they might face painful complications as well.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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