Kitchen safety tips


The kitchen is a very dangerous place, even though we spend countless hours in it. There are boiling liquids, red hot surfaces and sharp utensils, all of which can do serious damage in no time at all. Perhaps a few gentle reminders on safety in kitchens in Potters Bar are appropriate.

Keep out!

Kids and pets have no place in the kitchen. Kids may be allowed if they are learning how to cook or helping you prepare, but they must be supervised. Kids and pets are a distraction, but perhaps worse than that; they can hurt themselves by pulling down hot pans on themselves or tripping you up while you are carrying something.

It’s wonderful to teach kids how to cook but it should be done when you can focus on them and it is always a good idea to start with very simple recipes that do not call for a lot of knife work or use of appliances.

Wear shoes and appropriate clothing:

One of the easiest things to do is to drop a knife, if it lands on your foot and you are not wearing shoes, you will end up with stitches. The clothing must be appropriate as well, do not wear clothes with flowing sleeves, do not wear clothing made from synthetic material which can melt to your skin if it should catch on fire.

Do not rush:

Unless you are a professional, take your time. Do not rush cutting food, do not run from one work area to another and do not move quickly when you are carrying hot pots and pans. If you are taking medication which makes you drowsy, or you have one to many, stay out of the kitchens in Potters Bar.

Always use hot mitts and pads:

Always have a few hot pads and mitts close. Never consider taking anything from the oven without protection, this goes for the microwave as well. Micro-wave safe bowls can get very hot. If any of your protection gets wet, do not use it until it dries thoroughly as a wet mitt will transmit heat.

Learn knife skills:

Treat knives with respect and learn how to use them. Keep your knives sharp, a dull knife can easily slip and cut you. Hold the food with the non-dominate hand, curl your fingers under and, until you are confident, go slow and never lose your concentration while you are using knives.

Clean up spills:

Cleaning spills as they occur saves time when cleaning the kitchens in Potters Bar, but it helps in the prevention of accidents. Water, oil, grease and food that have landed on the floor are almost a recipe for a fall. When you use spray oils, watch out for the overspray, hold the pan over the sink to minimize this.


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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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