Kids Play Tents Can Help With Development

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Home And Garden

Buying toys for your child is one of the more exciting aspects of being a parent. That feeling you get deep in your heart when you see your child’s face light up when they examine their new toy for the first time is what being a parent is all about. While kids play tents are not exactly a very commonly purchased toy, they are one of the better options for a number of different reasons. The truth is that kids play tents have a lot of educational value. They are going to teach your child:

* Motor Skills

* Coordination

* Creativity

* Interaction Skills

Motor Skills and Coordination

When a child is playing inside of a tent, it requires them to do a lot of crawling. This is especially true if you purchased then a tent that has tunnels. Crawling is an extremely important part of healthy development for children. It helps coordinate all of their brain hemispheres. Learning how to get in and out of the tent without tearing is also a worthwhile learning experience for a child.


When you have a play tents for kids it gives your child’s imagination a chance to run wild. They can play house, play doctor, or pretend they are inside of a spaceship. It is a chance for your child to create fun stories and imagine exciting things in their mind. It helps with the development of narrative skills as well as fantasy.

Interaction Skills

A play tent is usually big enough for more than one child to play inside. This gives your child a fun way to learn how to play with other children their own age. The tent is big enough for the children to have their own space, but small enough that they have to interact with each other in order to move around in the tent and feel comfortable.

As a parent, purchasing toys for your children is always going to be about more than just giving them something fun to play with. You should take advantage of every opportunity to teach your child something new. There’s nothing wrong with learning and growing while they are playing.

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