Why You Need Some Retro Clothing in Your Wardrobe

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Shopping

It is an oldies trend and would not serve any purpose in the 21st century right? Wrong! Retro clothing is back in vogue and is here to stay. It captures the essence of style, fashion, elegance and character so why would it not stay? The following reasons should make you rush to the nearest vintage store to get yourself a few outfits.

1. There are very few duplicates around

Every fashion lover wants to look good without looking exactly like someone else. Vintage clothing allows you that privilege since very few are around. Even so, each item seems unique in its own way as opposed to the mass-produced items available.

2. Durability

Retro clothing is mostly made from superior fabrics like rayon, silk and cotton. Most of the stitching is also done by hand. The detail on such items is very impressive and ensures that the item is of good quality. You can save one item for your unborn daughter and she will find it in mint condition!

3. Seam allowance

There is a lot of room available to alter a vintage outfit. The seams have enough space to allow you to make changes without ruining the outfit.

4. Character

Every vintage item seems to have a life of its own. It oozes character and purpose without a struggle. This makes them stand out among any other items.

5. Recycling

It will be a while before you need to discard vintage clothing because of its durability. Taking it for another spin can be your contribution to saving the environment.

6. Cost

There is also the price factor. Vintage clothing is a bit easier on the pocket and who does not like a bargain? You can save some money and still get amazing outfits and those phrases are rarely used in the same sentence.

7. Story to tell

There usually is a story behind every item of vintage clothing. It could be a general story about the decade in which it was produced, the inspiration for the design or just any story that comes to mind.

Even if you can’t think of something yet, the fact that you are wearing a vintage outfit is a story in itself so you don’t have to look too far.

Retro clothing is by no means out dated so you can try it knowing that there is very little possibility for a fashion mistake just because you are wearing an outfit from a different era.

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