Injury Lawyers: Why And When You Should Consult With One After An Accident


When a person has been injured at the hands of another entity, the victim should not have to pay the consequences for the at-fault party’s actions. Whether the injury resulted from an unsafe product or environment, a car accident, or negligence of a medical personal, the responsible party should be held responsible for their carelessness. The victim or their family should immediately consult with one of the injury lawyers in Chicago, Il, to learn what the other party is responsible for and how much compensation they are owed for their injuries.

How Legal Representation Can Help with Your Claim

Personal injury claims can be difficult to settle due to the fact, the insurance agency or attorney for the other party will try to settle for very little money. That is why it is important to speak with legal counsel immediately to gain the experience and knowledge they offer to their clients. Often, insurance companies and their attorneys will try to pressure the victim to settle for less. They take advantage of the victim’s lack of knowledge and emotional state to get them to agree to a smaller amount than they are entitled to. Some agents will even use scare tactics or trick the victim into admitting partial fault to keep from paying them a fair judgment. Injury lawyers in Chicago can help prevent this by negotiating with the other party for you.

Do Not Risk Your Claim by Waiting! Call a Professional Immediately

The longer you delay in calling an attorney, the larger risk you are taking with your claim. Shea Law Group can speak on your behalf to the other party and reduce the chance of you being taken advantage of. When you delay in calling an expert, you run the risk of making a costly mistake that can damage your chances of obtaining a reasonable settlement. Their attorneys can help prevent an error from being made and provide you with the legal guidance that you require.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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