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Clean carpets improve the appearance of your home and makes your home healthier for you and your family. When you hire carpet cleaners in Tacoma WA. , it’s important that they do an efficient job and that they don’t clean your carpets with harmful chemicals. Below you’ll learn more about the dry carpet cleaning system.

Q.) What is dry carpet cleaning and will it really get my carpets clean?

A.) Dry carpet cleaning is a method that uses very little water to clean your carpets. The carpet cleaning machine dissolves the dirt in your carpet and soaks it up without grinding it down into the fibers of your carpet. The natural cleaning products that are used are dry and there are no abrasives in these products. There won’t be a sticky or waxy substance on your carpets after the cleaning is done.

Q.) Are the products used to clean my carpets safe for my children and pets?

A.) Since only organic non toxic cleaners are used to clean your carpets, there’s no harm to your family or pets. The cleaning solutions are biodegradable with no dyes or heavy metals. The solutions won’t irritate your skin or cause breathing problems if you have allergies.

Q.) What are the other advantages of dry carpet cleaning?

A.) Unlike other cleaning methods, after your carpet is cleaned by a dry cleaning method, you can immediately walk on your carpets. You don’t have to wait hours for your carpets to dry, because they won’t be wet. Since this method only uses a small amount of water, there’s no chance of mold growth due to moisture in your carpet or the padding underneath your carpet. After your carpets are cleaned, there’s no strong odor that is normally present after a carpet cleaning. This system removes hard to clean stains and foul odors from your carpets, including stains and odors from pets. If you’re not totally satisfied after your carpets are cleaned by the carpet cleaners in Tacoma, WA, you can get your money back, because the work is guaranteed.

advanced dry organic carpet cleaning – offers commercial and residential organic carpet cleaning. Other services include tile and grout cleaning, grout sealing, upholstery cleaning and area rug cleaning.

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