How to Choose the Right Kind of Bunion Treatment in Kenosha, WI


Treating bunions without surgery is always the preferred method for doctors and patients, but how does one choose the proper treatment? Doctors who perform bunion treatment in Kenosha offer their patients several options. Below are some ways to relieve pain and treat bunions without surgery.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

People who are overweight or obese report more problems with painful bunions than those at a healthy weight. The more weight one carries, the more pressure there is on the feet.

Use a Moleskin

Keep the bunion protected using moleskin or gel-skinned pad. These pads are found at drugstores and applied directly to the bunion. They make wearing shoes more comfortable.

Purchase Foot Inserts

Inserts hold the foot in place while wearing shoes. Two types of foot inserts that work well as bunion treatment are arch support inserts purchase over-the-counter and prescribe inserts such as orthotic devices.


A relaxing and gentle way to relieve bunion pain, especially after being on one’s feet all day, is a warm water foot massage. There are many foot massaging products on the market available at bed and bath stores or places like Target or Walmart. While soaking the foot in warm water works too, the gentle swirl of the water that’s the trademark of foot massagers is what delivers the most pain relief.

When Is Surgery the Right Call?

Sometimes, the best bunion treatment in Kenosha is surgery. To find out if it’s time for more invasive treatment, schedule an appointment with Family Foot & Ankle Clinics of Wisconsin, LLC, online.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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