How a fire extinguisher can help prevent a costly disaster


No matter how careful you are at home or in the workplace, there is always the chance that a fire can break out in a number of different ways. Fires can be started from human error or from mechanical faults, and it is impossible to be completely sure that either will not occur no matter how hard you try. Almost all fires start off relatively small before gradually consuming the area around them and growing in size. Depending on the environment the fire starts in, this growth process can be slow or it can be rapid and almost instantaneous. For situations when a fire is small and capable of being dealt with, having a fire extinguisher in Gatwick is crucial. In these circumstances, a fire extinguisher is capable of completely extinguishing a small fire, preventing it from gradually growing and causing further damage. Many fires are capable of being extinguished before they spread, though some can be started in highly flammable areas and spread quickly. The specially-created liquid inside a fire extinguished is highly effective at dampening and quenching fires, and is in fact far better at the job than water is. It not only dampens a fire to reduce it in size, but its properties are helpful in preventing the fire from quickly growing again. There are many more reasons why you should always have a fire extinguisher at hand in your premises, some of which are detailed below.

Comply with health and safety laws

Health and safety laws require you to have a fire extinguisher present at any workplace, so this is one important reason why you should be looking for a fire extinguisher in Gatwick. Given the propensity for fires to break out in places of work, especially industrial places, having a fire extinguisher on site is an absolute must.

Extinguish small outbreaks before they spread

The main benefit of having a fire extinguisher at your home or place of work is to be able to extinguish fires during their infancy. Fires at the very beginning of their conception are usually small, and because of their minor size they can be dealt with effectively. Almost all fires begin very small, and depending on the environment they are in they grow slowly or rapidly. Fire extinguishers are most safely used in situations where the fire is not in a highly flammable area – if you are in a highly flammable area, it is recommended that you try your utmost with a fire extinguisher to prevent a disaster. If however your efforts are having no effect, then your priority is to remove yourself and other people from the highly flammable environment for your own safety.

Fire extinguishers are an absolute necessity in the workplace – Sapphire Security can provides you with a reliable and high-quality fire extinguisher in Gatwick at a competitive rates.

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