Cosmetic Dental Treatments

by | Jun 15, 2013 | Dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatments completed by the Feldhake & Associates enjoying giving their patients beautiful, bright and healthy smiles which help them to smile with full confidence. Dental treatments assist in changing the overall shape, size and alignment of the teeth, fill in teeth gaps and spaces in between the teeth, improve their bite or correct it, brighten the patient’s teeth color or lightening the shade. They are able to replace missing teeth; repair decayed, chipped, or cracked teeth, along with replacing old dental treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry Glendale AZ provides excellent dental treatments such as:

* Veneers
* Lumineers
* Porcelain Inlays and Porcelain Outlays
* Porcelian Crowns (Caps)
* Dental Implants
* Empress Restorations
* Composite Fillings
* Porcelain Fixed Bridges
* Teeth Whitening
* Procera Crowns
* Cerec – Esthetic Restorations

The dental treatment includes orthodontic treatment for children and adults desiring to treatment for cosmetic purposes. The orthodontist would be able to fix crooked teeth, bucked teeth, overbites, and affects of thumb sucking, missing teeth, and braces for children and adults, retainers, headgear and more.

Teeth whitening assist with whitening and brightening teeth by bleaching teeth from staining and discoloration. The procedure is easily done at the dentist and in the comfort of the patient’s home. However, not everyone’s teeth can be bleached so it’s important to discuss treatment options with the dentist.

Veneers are made out of porcelain or composite materials and it is a custom made piece that is cemented on the front side of the patient’s tooth. Veneers are perfect for treatment discolored teeth, crooked, and chopped teeth. It also covers spaces in between the teeth too.

A dental implant is a metal appliance used to replace missing teeth. The device is made out of titanium and then surgically planted into the patient’s jawbone where the tooth or teeth are missing.

Bonding involves colored tooth materials bonding to the tooth. It’s good for repairing and improving the overall appearance of chopped, broken, or stained teeth.

There are many different types of cosmetic procedures to choose. Sitting down with a dentist or an orthodontist to discuss more about some of the best options to look into further.

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