Hail Damage? Roofers in Loveland CO can Fix or Replace a Roof


After a massive hail storm, homeowners may notice some water damage in their upstairs rooms. They should resist the urge to ignore this and hire Roofers in Loveland CO find out what is causing it. Hail can poke holes in shingles or it can loosen gutters and flashing. The roofing contractor can perform a thorough inspection and report on the amount of damage. If the hail caused widespread damage the roof may have to be replaced. The homeowner should hire a company that has experience dealing with local insurance companies. This will help the claim be processed faster and minimize out-of-pocket expenses.

Roofers in Loveland CO know how important it is to repair a leaking roof. They will be there when the insurance company performs their own inspection. This ensures that they will include all of the damages that needs to be repaired in the claim. Usually, both roofing and insurance companies use the same standards to determine the cost of specific repairs. Therefore, as long as everything is included in the estimate, the claim process goes smoothly. Most roofing companies bill the insurance company directly, so the homeowner doesn’t have to wait to be reimbursed.

Customers may want to strengthen their roof and avoid hail damage in the future. Many homeowners are now installing metal roofs in areas that experience frequent hail storms. Metal roofs stand up to the largest hail and strongest winds. They used to just come in one style, with long sheets of metal laid side by side. Metal roofs now come in a variety of styles. Manufacturers make them look like traditional shingles and tiles. They are so strong that they come with a 50-year warranty. Roofing contractors can help a homeowner pick out the metal roof that goes with their home.

Metal roofs are so light that they can be installed over the original roof, if it is stable. Often a metal roof can be installed in only one day. This reduces installation costs and future heating bills. Blue Spruce Construction Group of Loveland CO is one of the roofing contractors that install metal roofs. They are happy to meet with customers to discuss the benefits of metal roofs.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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