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People who have never worn braces in Tampa probably still understand that the primary purpose of braces is to straighten teeth, but they may not understand everything braces involve and how important they really are. Braces are considered by most to be primarily a cosmetic procedure but this is not completely the case. The teeth perform their chewing function best when they are straight and in-line. Tops match bottoms and work together to chew food between them. When the mouth is closed, the patient feels comfortable with the way the upper and lower teeth fit against each other. Braces, along with extraction procedures, keep the teeth from growing into each other and causing other problems, such as TMJ. This is an important reason to get braces in Tampa all by itself.

However, getting braces in Tampa is most often done to make a person look better when they smile. The surprise for some is how much of a difference it can truly make. People have a standard of expectation when it comes to straight teeth. When someone meets another person for the first time, and the person has an otherwise normal face, but then opens their mouth to show crooked teeth, it causes a jolt, as if the person suddenly grew a third eye. This may well be a superficial and shallow reaction, but it’s generally a fact. This reaction is particularly strong when the reactor spends a lot of time with people who have mostly straight teeth, which is generally the case for residents of the United States. It is even stronger for those who watch a lot of television or read magazines. No one there has crooked teeth.

This reaction to a person is what many social scientists say is the kind of feedback that determines a part of one’s personality. A person who causes winces when they open their mouth, either consciously or subconsciously, learns to keep his mouth closed. On an even deeper level, that person begins to have a background feeling that he does not have a lot of charisma, that people in general just don’t like him. This person may not feel like braces in Tampa will solve all his social problems, but he may be surprised at what a difference it will make. In the old days when metal braces were nearly as jarring as crooked teeth, the difference when the braces came off was instantaneous and dramatic. And the new positive responses from other people were striking as well. A person then becomes inspired to smile all the time, and over the long-run, gain confidence as their social overtures produce increasingly positive results.

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