Facts about Windshield Glass Dallas TX Repairs


The windshield on your car is often taken for granted. Most people never even think about the importance of their windshield until it gets a crack in it. But the windshield is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Here are some facts about windshield glass Dallas TX repairs that you should know.


Windshield Repairs
There are typically more than 13 million windshields repaired or replaced in the United States every year as a result of something flying into the glass and causing a chip or a crack. The majority of these problems can be simply repaired, but many times the entire windshield needs to be replaced. Your windshield glass Dallas TX professionals can help determine if your glass is easily fixed or if you need to replace the entire thing.

Windshield Composition
The windshield is a very complicated piece of the vehicle. It isn’t just a simple piece of glass designed to keep the wind from blowing in your face. In fact, the windshield is generally made up of three different layers. The middle layer is a laminate which “sticks” to the two outer layers. This helps keep both layers together and the laminate also helps stop small debris from breaking through the glass and shattering the entire windshield. The other two layers are made from special composite glass which is durable to help withstand small rocks, pebbles and other things that the windshield often encounters.

Windshield Functions
There are several purposes that your windshield serves. The most obvious function is to keep the wind and debris out of your face when you’re driving. But it’s also there for safety. If you are involved in a frontal collision, the direction of your airbag depends on the proper placement of your windshield. Without the windshield, the airbag would deploy upwards which would provide little protection for the driver and the passenger in the vehicle. Also, if you are in an accident resulting in your vehicle rolling over, your windshield provides some added protection to help prevent the roof from collapsing. If your windshield is cracked, you could be jeopardizing your well being in an auto accident.


Windshield Stresses
Your vehicle’s windshield is put under more stress than many areas of your car. That’s because it is in the open, which means that it is particularly vulnerable to contracting and expanding with the coolness of the evening and the heat of the daytime. If you have a crack that has gone unchecked, the constant change in temperature could make the crack worse. It’s best to have it repaired as soon as you notice it with an auto glass Dallas TX professional before it becomes a safety hazard.


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