Get a Beautiful Smile with Veneers in Louisville, KY


A brilliant, white smile opens doors. The confidence provided by a nice smile allows one to be successful in many different arenas of life. Veneers allow one to achieve this smile quickly and painlessly. Veneers Louisville KY consist of a cover made of either porcelain or resin which is glued to the front of the tooth itself.
Veneers cover a multitude of dental issues. Discoloration, wear, chips, breakage, uneven bite, odd shape, and gaps find solutions with the placement of veneers. In order to determine if Veneers Louisville, KY provide a good option for one’s problems, he or she should seek the advice of a dental provider.
When having veneers placed, one should expect three trips to the dentist. The first for planning. The dentist will determine whether to use porcelain, which resists staining better and reflects light more naturally, or resin, which is thinner and requires less removal of pieces of teeth. Once the dentist evaluates and formulates a plan, the next visit will focus on preparation. The preparation phase consists of stripping small amounts of enamel from the teeth which will receive Veneers. The dentist will create a template and send it to a laboratory where the veneers will be constructed. The laboratory will take one to two weeks to complete the veneers. On the third visit, the dentist will bond the veneer to the tooth. First, he or she will place the veneer on the tooth temporarily and trim it until it fits correctly. Next, the teeth should be cleaned, polished, and etched in order to receive the bonding. Cement will then be applied to the veneer, which will be applied to the tooth. Then, a light beam will heat the cement, making it dry and harden quickly. Finally, the dentist will evaluate the veneer and the bite created by the veneer placement. The dentist may ask one to return for another evaluation in a few weeks.

Overall, the process of receiving veneers is painless and quick. They leave the teeth permanently white and do not create tooth sensitivity. They can dramatically improve the appearance of the smile, and a great smile contains the power of confidence. Get more details on


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