A Broken Muffler or Exhaust System Can be A Health Hazard

by | May 14, 2013 | Automotive

The muffler and exhaust system on a typical vehicle is complicated, and should usually be diagnosed and repaired by a professional mufflers and exhaust mechanic in Mount Vernon, WA when problems arise. In the long run, this will save most people time and money when it comes to making safe repairs.

Also, it is important to consider the dangerous fumes that can infiltrate the cabin of an automobile when the exhaust system is not working correctly, which can be a significant health hazard to the driver, but also to the family, friends and pets who may ride in the car. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal, and should be taken seriously as a risk if you have a bad mufflers & exhaust system Mount Vernon, WA that does not seem to be performing well.

Other fumes that come into the vehicle cabin can also have a deleterious health affects over a long period of time. Some symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can include frequent headaches, unaccountable grogginess or feeling dizzy, nausea, extreme fatigue, mental health problems such as confusion or lack of clear thinking, or even feeling as though you have the flu or a common cold.

Of course, a car may have a bad muffler, which isn’t good for the health of your vehicle or for your and your loved ones, without ever experiencing these symptoms. Hiring a mufflers and exhaust expert in Mount Vernon, WA is the best way to fix the problem if your car is showing any of the following signs that the muffler or exhaust system is broken or in need of repair:

* Your car makes loud sounds, pops and bangs when you start it. This could be a sign not only of a bad muffler, but possible of a broken or missing catalytic converter.

* You feel new, strong vibrations in the car, or the car shakes and rattles when you use the steering wheel or the gas pedal. This could be due to a leak or a hole in the exhaust system. It also degrades the overal performance of the engine.

* You have to use more fuel than you have in the past. Often, when the exhaust system isn’t working, the engine has to double its efforts, which means burning more gasoline.

* Your car is much louder than it was before, your muffler pops and bangs when you start your car or accelerate, or your muffler has fallen off and is clattering against the asphalt when you drive. Obviously, these are signs that things are not right, and it’s time to visit a mufflers & exhaust Mount Vernon, WA mechanic as soon as possible.

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