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If you are completing the design of your new office there are some finishing details that are often overlooked. These details can often lead to more wear and tear on your office more quickly than you might like as well as make it dangerous for visitors. Here are a few design details to consider before you let the last tradesperson leave the building.

Stainless Steel Corner Guards
Wear and tear on the corners of your walls removes paint and plaster chips that will really look old fast. Stainless steel corner guards might seem terribly utilitarian however they can actually add a nice finished look to your décor. They are modern and work well in the industrial loft style office but can also work in any office. They are very effective in offices such as clinics where gurneys and trolleys might be used to move patients and equipment around and protect walls from mail and coffee carts. And let’s not forget about cumbersome laptop bags taking out nicks here and there.

Office space requires a heavy duty base board that will keep carpet in place and avoid the build up of scuff marks from janitors vacuuming and daily wear and tear. There are many different options available and although industrial vinyl’s work well you can also consider traditional wood trim. Just keep in mind they will also be prone to chips, dents and scuff marks.

Many businesses forget about arranging for mats that can be placed in major traffic areas such as foyers and elevator banks where slipping can be a hazard in bad weather. Make sure you have a supply ready especially in the winter months to protect your floors or carpet from salt and slush as well as floors from becoming dangerous for people entering your office.

Wheelchair Access
Consider your business and your clients or customers and make sure you have wheelchair access. At the least you want to provide a ramp if you have steps leading to your door, or a button for automatic opening of your door.
A final thing to consider is the addition of tactiles to add texture to steps or where there are level changes. This works to keep blind people safe as well as to add some traction where people tend to trip.

To learn more about the options of stainless steel corner guards for your office Eagle Mouldings can help. Visit for details and a list of products.

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