Everything You Need To Know About A Retainer Nose Ring


Making the decision to get a nose piercing is something that should be done with some advanced thought in mind. No matter how cool or how beautiful you think nose piercings may be, or even if there is a cultural reason you are getting the piercing, there are times for both men and women that is not practical or acceptable to be wearing any type of highly visible body jewelry. The great news is that when this is the case a retainer nose ring is the perfect answer.

Why Wear A Retainer Nose Ring?

While nose piercings are much more common and generally very widely accepted, different times, professional events, or even sporting events or activities may make it difficult to impossible to wear a large or even a small piercing. In sports, even at a non-competitive level, a nose ring can be a very real safety hazard as it can be caught in long hair, in fingers or in contact with others and result in the piercing tearing, something that is both painful and may limit your ability to wear a piercing in the future.

The Answer: A Retainer Nose Ring

While you may not want to always wear a nose ring or stud you also may not want to go without anything, especially if you have just recently had the piercing done or if you will need to leave it out for a longer period of time.

A retainer nose ring is a small, clear acrylic or Lucite nose screw or barbell style. It looks just like the screw shape of a traditional nose ring or the straight bar shape of a typical barbell style of nose ring. Typically the both styles will allow you to choose either small ball end or a flat end that is on the external side of the nostril.

Can You See A Retainer Nose Ring?

The answer to the question of the visibility of a retainer nose ring is somewhat different based on the style you select. A ball end will protrude slightly more than the flat end so it will be slightly more visible. However, since they are clear they are much less visible than any type of nose ring; even a small stud.

If you are looking for a retainer nose ring try out several styles and, based on the location of your piercing, you will find one that is the best option.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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