3 Reasons To Use ASME Pressure Vessels


For any application that requires any type of pressurization from low to high, choosing to use ASME pressure vessels is always the best decision. These tanks are safe, built to strict requirements, and they are required in virtually all industrial and manufacturing industries under codes and standards.

ASME actually stands for American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This organization was originally formed in 1880 because of the increasing risk and danger involved in the use of the old styles of steam boilers for heating and industrial processes. Four engineers decided to set standards to ensure that these failures were eliminated and members in this non-profit organization quickly grew and expanded from New York to the rest of the world.

Today ASME has over 130,000 members that are found in over 158 different countries around the world. Besides just setting standards for all types of mechanical devices the organization also provides technical publishing services and trains professional engineers around the world.

Ensures Standards

When you choose ASME pressure vessels you can be assured that your pressure tank meets all relevant ASME standards for safety and efficiency. This goes for standard ASME pressure vessels as well as custom designed tanks and vessels for use in any industry or application.

Can Be Customized

Although you may think that ASME pressure vessels are always standard, in fact the standards allow engineers to apply specific calculations and formulas to fully customize any type of tank so that the relevant standards apply.

By using the standards set forth for ASME pressure vessels there are limits since very unique or unusual designs may provide complex calculations that are not possible for every potential design. However, even understanding why a specific design isn’t feasible can be helpful.

Tested and Tried

Finally when ASME pressure vessels use the standards you don’t have to worry about reinventing the wheel when it comes to durability and longevity of the tank itself. There is no assumptions or guesses in the design and each of the standards and formulas used in creating custom ASME pressure vessels have been proven over the years to stand up to the intended use.

Choosing ASME pressure vessels is a very sound decision. Always ask for ASME pressure tanks when you want to put safety and effectiveness first.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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