Environmentally Conscience Machines for High Volume Solvent Recycling


CB Mills has been the go-to business of boiler repair needs and more. Established in 1891, their main focus has been to provide the highest quality service with a passion to constantly evolve and improve. They began as a simple boiler repair shop but eventually grew to be the designer and builder of environmentally conscience machines for solvent recycling. Along with the engineered solutions providing system dramatically meeting customer satisfaction, the custom steel tank fabrications are closely intertwined.

CB Mills’ solvent recovery systems are the best in the area, servicing not only high-volume customers with the high volume solvent recovery systems, but also serving the low to medium volume customers. The Micro series solvent recovery stills are great for low to medium volume customers. The system allows for a reduction in the disposal and new solvent costs making it even more efficient. The vacuum pump enables the customer to distill solvents with boiling points higher than 400 degrees.

The RHS Solvent recovery systems are economic, efficient, and have purity benefits for the high-volume customers. These high-volume solvent recovery systems reduce solvent waste and reduce the amount of new solvent the customer will need to purchase keeping it economical. The systems can distill virtually anything making it highly efficient. And the customer is able to control the quality of their solvent.

CB Mills meets needs when it comes to boiler repair, washing, mixing, and biomass processing systems, but they also take the lead when it comes to high volume solvent recovery systems. To learn more about how CB Millscan be beneficial, visit their website now.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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