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Custom flags of all different shapes and sizes are more popular now than ever before. If you haven’t thought about it the next time you drive through any city keep an eye out for flags on businesses, on city flag poles and even on the front of private houses. Each one of those custom flags was created by a flag maker based on a proof or an idea provided by someone.

A flag maker for a custom flag company can be very helpful in talking to you about the type, style and design of your custom flag. This is a great idea if this is a first project and you aren’t sure of just what type of flag that you want.

Your Design

If you are using a custom flag maker then you can create your own design on the flag. This could include the name of a business, a welcome message, a particular image or logo or virtually anything else you want to put on the flag.

Obviously a top flag maker will be able to talk to you about the design based on the specific style of flag that you select. For example, if you are choosing a traditional flag then a central, large image in bright, contrasting colors to the background is most effective. For a feather or banner style of flag a linear image or message is going to provide the most visibility and really draw the eye.

Printing Method

For most flags, especially those that are going to be used outdoors, printing the flag rather than applique or embroidery is the most durable. With new printing technology, including digital printing, highly detailed images can be reproduced again and again with complete accuracy.

Digital printing for a flag maker provides the widest range of possibilities for colors and is a great option for large orders with multiple flags. There is also the option to screen print the flag, which does not overlap colors, giving a crisp, clear image. However, screen printing, because each color has to dry before the next color can be applied, is a longer overall process.

You should talk to the flag maker about the durability of each printing option before making a final decision. With modern technology you don’t have to give up color for durability, which is always an important consideration.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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