Criminal Defense Attorney Offers Expert Legal Counsel Regarding Crimes


Being charged with a criminal offense can be nerve-wracking to the average citizen. It is important to take these charges seriously by contacting a reliable criminal defense attorney in San Antonio, TX, right away. Talking to police investigators without the benefit of counsel is risky business and could result in one or more criminal convictions that can haunt your lifestyle for a lifetime.

Police Investigators Are Allowed to Mislead Suspects During Interrogations

Most citizens who do not have problems with the law often are clueless as to what the general practices are for local police investigators. These investigators are allowed to lie and mislead suspects during the interrogation process. This can set a suspect up for losing valued legal rights and increase risk of jail time if convicted of a crime. Always refuse to speak during any police interview if there is even a tiny chance of being suspected in a crime as the one responsible.

Call for a Lawyer As Soon As Police Begin Investigating

Do not make the mistake of not contacting a reputable criminal defense attorney from San Antonio, TX, when police are investigating a crime that may implicate yourself as the perpetrator of that crime. Call for a lawyer before any investigation session begins. By law, the police must stop talking with suspects until the attorney is present.

A Criminal Conviction Can Negatively Impact Your Life Forever

All criminal convictions are a matter of public record. Contact Law Office Of Jesse Hernandez today.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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