4 Tips for Students Moving Out of the Dorms: What You Need to Know


Moving out of the dorms is an exciting time – you’re likely to get your own room with a private bathroom, and maybe even a kitchen! You might be able to decorate it how you want. And if you live in a city, there are so many fun things just steps away from home. But before you pack up your things and leave for the last time this school year, make sure that one thing is on your list: knowing what’s waiting for you when you move into Florida Stateoff-campus housing.

Figure Out How Much You Can Afford to Spend on Rent

One of the most important things to do before you move out is figure how much money your family can afford for rent. You want a place that’s close enough or in walking distance so it doesn’t cost too much in gas, but also not way outside where there are no jobs and nothing fun going on.

Get Recommendations From Other Students About Where to Live

Ask friends or family members if they have any leads for apartments, houses, or rooms to rent that are available near where you want to go to school.

Know Your Lease Terms Inside and Out

Make sure the lease is clear about whether it includes utilities such as electricity and gas so there’s no confusion later on when it comes time to pay bills each month. Also, ask if pets are allowed because some landlords don’t allow them but others do. If you’re looking for Florida State off-campus housing, don’t miss checking out Redpoint West Tenn redpoint-wtenn.com.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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