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by | Mar 20, 2013 | Handys

A Handi Quilter is a great addition to anyone’s tailoring arsenal. It’s one of the best pieces of equipment designed to sew your quilts into any design you can think of. It was launched in 2001 and is now available in over 700 outlets around the world. It’s a great piece of kit by any stretch of the imagination.

It takes a sewing machine on an aluminum sandwich frame which is held on two carriages. These dual-carriages can be moved around in every direction to create the patterns you want on your quilt. The sandwich can also be opened to take a quilt of varying thickness.

The setup is extremely easy, with just a few screws needed to fit the whole thing together. Once it has been fit together you can take it with you anywhere and just put it on an appropriate table to begin designing your quilts. Think about using a folding banquet table rather than your nice dining table. These are sturdier and it doesn’t matter if they get damaged. You can also get very long banquet tables, up to 11-ft long which would be perfect for king size quilts.

Costs of Handi Quilters

There isn’t just one type of Handi Quilter, but a wide variety of them. These Handi Quilter Avante systems can set you back a pretty penny. They can be very pricey for some of the top models which means they are a big investment for most people. Some of these things can cost more than ten thousand dollars or as little as $579. So financing definitely needs to be considered. A good seller of Handi Quilter in Vancouver WA will be able to give you financing options for one of these machines. Most who buy a Handi Quilter will need financing so find someone who not only offers financing in the first place, but someone who will offer you a low rate as well.


This item is very big and heavy. It needs to be for the heavy-duty quilting work that it does. However, that also means that shipping costs can be very high. Make sure you factor this into the price before you buy a Handi Quilter. If you buy the Handi Quilter in Vancouver WA, this will still be true and the rate which you are charged will depend on where you are in the country.

Which model are you buying?

You must familiarize yourself with all the models of the Handi Quilter before you buy one, otherwise you could end up buying an old and obsolete Handi Quilter. Ask about all the options to do with the frame, the tracks, the table and the brackets so that you’re getting the right model for you.
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